• After successfully completing a Yield Analysis computation with a static approach, it's now possible to view forces applied to specific faces or bolt groups by selecting them.
  • A new object has been added to our python API: "MACRO".
  • It allows you to insert a custom python script, using existing API objects. All functions from the built-in python module "math" can be used within a MACRO script.
  • Example: MACRO creating 10 points in a circular pattern
  • MACRO("""
    n = 10
    for i in range(n):
      angle = 2*pi/n
      y = cos(i*angle)
      z = sin(i*angle)
      POINT(str(i), 0, y, z)
    """ )
  • BEAMs and PLATEs are defined by an ultimate yield strength in addition to yield strength.
  • When running a yield analysis computation of a bolted BEAM/PLATE, the matter between bolt heads uses ultimate yield strength and yield strength is used everywhere else.

  • Welds have been redesigned according to the following specifications:
    1. There are three kinds of welds: FILLET, PENETRATION and BUTT
    2. They are all mainly defined by a throat length
    3. PENETRATION welds are also defined by a penetration depth
    4. BUTT welds are also defined by two parameters P1 and P2 equal to the distance from the welded edge