• We've partnered with to introduce payment plans, subscriptions and the ability to pay for subscriptions via credit card. The default subscription has a trial period of 14 days which applies to new and returning users. Look for the "Payments" page in the profile menu.
  • Added STEP import capabilities:
    1. STEP files can be uploaded in the file manager
    2. A new object has been added to our python API: "EXTERNAL_FILE".
    3. It allows you to include a STEP file within a .ds model
    4. A new object has been added to our python API: "IMPORT".
    5. It allows you to import elements from a previously included EXTERNAL_FILE. There are several modes of selection. In the "Selection by name" mode you will select all elements having the same name. In the "Selection by id" mode you will select individual elements. In the "Bounding box" mode you will select all elements inside a bounding box. You may also change the mechanical properties of imported elements, such as yield strength.
  • Added STEP export capabilities. A button at the top of model tree allows you to generate and download a STEP file.
  • Added ability to generate a "modelling note", which is a document describing physical and mechanical properties of all volumes in the model. It also contains images of different projections of each volume.
  • Perspective can now be disabled in the view options.
  • We've added a documentation to the help menu. However, it's only available in French for now.
  • The graphical theme has been overhauled.

  • In a YIELD_ANALYSIS, the static and kinematic approaches can now be launched separately.
  • A new object has been added to our python API: "ELASTIC_ANALYSIS".
  • Similarly to YIELD_ANALYSIS, it allows you to mesh the model and perform calculations using the dual kinematic/static approach. However, regardless of the load case, the model will never plastify and always exhibit elastic behavior.
  • As a consequence of the addition of ELASTIC_ANALYSIS, Poisson's ratio and Young's modulus are now modifiable.
Edited 26 Feb, 2018 09:35