• The "Script" tab now uses syntactic coloration, which makes it easier to understand and modify.
  • A new type of analysis has been added: Elasto-plastic analysis. It calculates the strain-stress configuration of the structure under the specified loads, as a single increment, without the user's intervention regarding the numerical algorithm. Both elastic and plastic strains are available for visualization in the Results tab.
  • A load case is now separated from an analysis so that the same load case may be used in different kinds of analyses.
  • A new button has been added to an analysis' toolbar: it automatically meshes the model and then runs kinematic and static computations in parallel. However, it only runs for the specified iteration.
  • A new job type has been added for analyses. You can find it below "Computation" in the analysis' details view. Analogous to the modeling note, it generates a document with result visualizations, which you can later download from the "Results" tab.
  • While browsing analysis results and checking "Geometry" you can now select faces/bolts (as well as an edge to define a coordinate system) to calculate integral values of displacements and rotations in addition to forces and moments.
  • Job "MESH" now has an option "Autoconnect". Checking it will create CONTACT connections between all objects that are geometrically in contact but don't have explicitly declared connections. This operation precedes the meshing therefore preventing its failure due to missing connections. It's useful when you've forgotten some connections and you don't want to waste time by creating them manually.
  • For welds, edge offset parameters (dA, dB) are now automatically adjusted if the operation fails.
Edited 30 May, 2018 13:35