• A new job type has been added: "Error maps". As you may know, our computations use a kinematic and a static approach. Calculating error maps allows you to see the discrepancy between the two approaches. Indeed, it's possible to infer a static result from a kinematic one and vice-versa. The error maps allow you to evaluate the reliability of your results. The higher the error, the less reliable it is. Currently, this feature is only available for elastic and elasto-plastic analyses.
  • All notifications are now listed in a handy dropdown menu in the top right corner of the screen. The icon turns red when you receive a new notification. We remind you that you should receive notifications regarding job status. If you're not, you need to allow to send you notifications in your browser's settings. Notifications are useful because they inform you about a finished computation even when you're on another tab of your browser.
  • Load cases and analyses have a new interface separate from the rest of the model. The corresponding script is also separate from the geometry script.
  • In addition to supports and loads, you can now define displacements on boundaries.